About us

21 Sawmill Group

21 Sawmill Group was founded in 2021 in Suriname by our leading director Steven He.

The establishment of a new sawmill was initially started to act as a supporting organ for our woodworking company, under the name of XINLI Wood Processing.

Mr. He is an entrepreneur and businessman with over 30 years of contribution to countless projects in the building sector. His first encounter in the lumber industry can be dated back in his twenties, when he first worked as the lead captain for the round logs exploitation in Suriname.

21 Sawmill Group is a new identity with its foundation rooted in Suriname. The company will have an operational system on its own, contributing to the round logs exploitation in full accordance with the Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control in Suriname.

Our goal is to position ourselves as a sustainable, value adding and the most reliable partner for the source of lumber in the Americas.

More about the Sawmill

21 Sawmill Group currently uses various types of saws and saw machines:

  • Primultini Bandsaw
  • Frame Saw
  • Wood-Mizer portable sawmills
  • Gangsaw
  • Edger

The supply chain flow chart

Here is a table of our accessible in-house supply chain procedure. Starting from lumber exploitation to delivering various end products for our customers.